Hello, let me introduce myself

pageless was built by Dinand Mentink from Elementon. Elementon is a webdesign and webdevelopment agency and has been since 2008.

I really enjoy designing and building websites. It started out as a hobby in the distance past and then really got out of hand in recent years. Besides my own company I work at Lendahand as their all-round Web-Cowboy. In my spare time I play ukulele, squash as well as a being a great movie, story and book enthousiast.

Why pageless?

Why pageless?

My wife works as a biology teacher and asked me to help her create a "web lesson". This is a lesson that students can follow online on their own using videos, texts and tests. The problem we encountered in this is that standard websites (with pages) are quite unstructured. Students are able to go through the lesson in all kinds of ways, often confusing them. In the end we decided to place the full lesson on just one page. This made sure that, quite intuitively, the lesson was presented in a clear manner.

On a website without pages you can steer the visitor quite precisely through the content. Which makes sure you are able to really tell a story. This doesn't just work for lessons, but also for other stuff. For example introducing a product, a new service or an event.

Because I really enjoy building stuff and needed a new project I decided to create a service where anyone can build their own pageless website, for free. That service is pageless.

The pageless philosophy

pageless is, above all, really simple

The most powerful asset of a pageless website is simplicity. A good pageless website has little information, clearly structured. Around this philosophy pageless was designed.

Everything in a pageless website is designed such that the website is most clear. The themes use clear, large, fonts with a lot of contrast. The formats you can choose have been made such that they perform best with just little content.

pageless really takes this simplicity to the extreme. You can, fore example only choose some free themes, and for every slide you create only a few formats are possible. That's it. It might sound boring that you cannot choose your own colors, but this does ensure that websites perform beatifully on all screens and devices.

Other plans for pageless

Do one thing and do it well

pageless is simple and we will keep it that way. I really enjoy that I have made something that people can enjoy for free, and this will stay. I will however introduce some things so that pageless will also bring in some money.

I would expect to add more (paid and unpaid) theme's, and possibly some stuff to help you organise events (which I think is a good usecase for pageless). These things will however allways add to pageless while keeping it simple.

There are therefor also things we are not going to do. We are not going to offer hosting, you will also probably never be able to make your own themes, or setup a webshop using pageless. We will do one thing: offer you the possibility to create stunning pageless websites, but that we'll do really well.

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